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  • The 13th International Conference on Quality and Dependability – CCF2012 – an Outstanding Event in the Field

    Author(s): BACIVAROV, Ioan
    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, Year 2012

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    The primary objective of the 13th International Conference on Quality and Dependability CCF2012 – organized in Neptun, Romania at the beginning of September 2012 – was to provide an international forum for the dissemination of recent information and scientific results in these modern domains.

    As traditionally, CCF 2012 was organized by the Romanian Society for Quality Assurance (SRAC), under the aegis of several international organizations in the field, including Eurocer-building. This edition of the CCF conference had the scientific endorsement of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers –IEEE, the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology, too.

    It is important to mention that the 13th International Conference on Quality and Dependability – CCF2012 was a jubilee edition, marking the 25th anniversary of the first CCF conference, organized in 1987.

    The International Conferences in Quality and Dependability – CCF are now a well-established brand of excellence among the international scientific meetings in the inter-disciplinary field of quality and dependability (reliability, maintainability, safety/ security a.o.).

    Quality and dependability have become today undeniable strengths contributing to the development of companies, small businesses or large multinational groups. Their application in different organizations must be the result of research and partnership among industry, academia and business. International scientific meetings, such as CCF conference is, can contribute to the dialogue between the main actors of the quality and dependability world.

    The points of view of well-known specialists in the field from Romania and several countries from Europe and Asia allowed to establish a realistic image of the national and international evolutions and of the perspectives of these modern fields.

    The dynamic political and economic evolutions in Europe during the last decades increased the importance of quality now considered as a strategic tool and a determining factor for the development and enhancement of Europe’s global competitiveness.

    Several organizational, scientific, and educational initiatives and programs of leading European organizations, developed in the last years, which have contributed to the creation of a favorable framework for quality and dependability promotion in Europe, support this assertion.

    The need for a holistic approach to quality as a key to business excellence in a united Europe has created an appropriate climate for the European organisations in the field to co-operate and exploit synergies resulting from their individual specific strengths and primary target groups.


    Prof.dr. I.C. Bacivarov, Scientific Chairman of CCF2012 and Dr. D. Stoichitoiu, Chairman of CCF2012 together with Prof. Emeritus dr. A. Birolini (Switzerland)

    In signing in 1998 the “European Quality Charter”, representatives of the major European quality organizations have taken a step towards the harmonization of their approaches to quality. The document recognizes that, in a global economy, quality is the key to competitiveness for European companies and makes it incumbent on signatories to work toward a common goal of promoting quality across the continent.

    Different European programs and initiatives in dependability (reliability, maintainability, safety and security) field were developed in the last years, too.

    The European Commission emphasized, in its Fifth Research Framework Programme-FP5, “…the emerging generic dependability requirements in the information society, stemming both from the ubiquity and volume of embedded and networked systems and services as well as from the global and complex nature of large-scale information and communication infrastructures, from citizens, administrations and business in terms of technologies, tools, systems, applications and services”.

    The new EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development –FP7 and the forthcoming one – FP8, can be considered as a major tools to support the creation of the European Research Area (ERA). The main topics of FP7 and FP8 and some representative projects, especially those in quality and safety/security fields were analyzed in the frame of this conference.

    The international scientific meetings, such as CCF2012 is, could be a contribution to this objective, by reviewing the state of the art, experiences, and new trends in the relevant scientific and relevant areas.

    CCF-2Participants at CCF2012

    Several debates of CCF2012 were dedicated to the evolutions in quality & dependability on the European scene during these last years, as well as to the national evolutions in this field. The real integration of Romanian economy in the unified European structures is an impossible endeavor unless the severe requirements on quality based on the EU’s standards are meet.

    Under the conditions of the actual world economic crisis, the debates of CCF2012 tried to give an answer to the following question: could be the optimal managerial and technical strategies based on quality and dependability an advantage for companies in their effort to overcome this economic crisis?

    In the program of CCF2012 were included about 50 papers elaborated by specialists in the field – academics, managers, practitioners and researchers from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, India, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal , Switzerland and Romania, too.

    The 13th International Conference in Quality and Dependability – CCF2012 covered major aspects of the field, including the following ones:

    Within the area of interest of IJISC, during CCF 2012 several problems concerning risk and security management, occupational risk, security of LTE communication systems, vulnerabilities and risk analysis, complex systems survivability a.o. were discussed.


    Prof. dr. I.C. Bacivarov (Romania), Dr. S. Loznen (Israel) and
    Dr. S. Mule (EFQM-Belgium) during CCF 2012

    During the last day of the conference the evolutions and the perspectives regarding the management, engineering and certification of quality and dependability in Romania and abroad were analyzed as a part of the special session ISO 9000 Forum- a session which will mark the 25th anniversary of this famous international standard.

    The special guest of CCF2012 was Dr. Gianluca Mule, Senior Manager of the well-known European Foundation for Quality Management – EFQM who presented the EFQM Excellence Model. The EFQM Excellence Model is the most popular quality tool in Europe, used now by more than 30 000 organizations to improve performance.

    A wide selection of papers presented in the frame of CCF2012 was included in the Proceedings of the conference, entitled “Quality and Dependability”.

    As already mentioned, the International Conferences in Quality and Dependability- CCF conferences have a long tradition among the specialists of the field.

    The previous conferences in quality, reliability and maintainability organized in Romania in the last 25 years have contributed to the promotion in our country of new ideas and methods in quality and dependability.

    We are sure that CCF2012 was a new qualitative step in this process.

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    Title: The 13th International Conference on Quality and Dependability – CCF2012 – an Outstanding Event in the Field
    Author(s): BACIVAROV, Ioan
    Publication: International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime
    ISSN: 2285-9225, e-ISSN: 2286-0096
    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, Year 2012
    Section: Books Reviews and Conferences Analysis
    Page Range: 71-75

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